Termite Control Service Delhi

Termite Control Delhi

We Dhawan Pesticides is offer reliable service of termite control in Delhi and trully engaged to offering effective services for pest control and anti termite control, termite treatment Delhi. We are one of the leading insect control organizations that are licensed by Government. Our company has strong presence around the nation and is widely appreciated for effective services, which are line with the client’s needs.

Our anti termite control Delhi team always use the safest insecticides through our advance tool for ensuring 100% effectiveness in controlling the pests. This turn ensures safety of human beings. We have team of experienced and highly qualified professionals who are trained to serve clients with great attention. Professional’s expertise and practical experience enable them to provide the best termite control Noida services at an effective cost. Our company holds a competitive edge over others companies due to the following reasons:

  • Well managed services
  • Perfection and quality
  • Client centric orientation
  • Economic costss
  • Promptness in endeavors
  • Emergency Services
  • Flexibility in approach

We are punctual service providers providing our anti termite treatment to our clients spread all across the country. We on the other hand have valuable termite and pest control experience that has been perfected over many years. As a result, we are coming together ads of plenty of value in terms of service delivery as at the termite control and efficiency that reaches all corners of Delhi NCR. This then ensures both residential and commercial clients get important services they required

We understand the importance of a clean and pest free environment. That’s why we offer our customers only the most capable and knowledgeable termite treatment technicians in Delhi. All our professionals are fully equipped and are capable to carry out a complete range of pest control on site services. They have sufficient knowledge of effective termite solutions and treatments. We ensure you that the services we offer efficient to pest control. Our company gives complete protection to foundation of our building via pre construction treatment. We always put in front overcome to termite from commercial and residential areas from fogging and fumigation by using eco-friendly chemicals. We have comprehensively of understanding of efficient solutions with audit treatment and feedback.

Termite Control Delhi

Termite Control Delhi

A termite is a tiny insect known for living in a large colony deep within the earth. They don't infest in tens or hundreds. They form huge colonies where they multiply ridiculously. Before you know it, they are infesting your entire premises, causing serious damage to your property.

Why Choose Our Services

We totally take care of your property as we we do very less drilling, so no much harm to the property.
100% satisfaction and guaranteed work.
Standard chemicals used.

Termite Control

How We Work

How to Control Termites

Our experts use thermal imaging technology to locate termite nests and possible moisture leaks without doing harm to the property. Then treatment is done with standard chemicals, keeping in mind, the safety and cleanliness of your premises. We provide two types of termite treatments, pre construction and post construction termite treatment.

Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment

If you are planning to build house, the structure needs termite treatement at early stages of construction. Treatments are applied to the outside, inside,in the foundation and under the concrete slabs to eliminate the termites completely.

Pre Anti Termite Solution Delhi

Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment

Pre Anti Termite Solution

This type of treatment includes drilling in the floors and wall at ground level and applying termicides to create the barrier around the premises. The focus is to eliminate the whole colony of these termites through barriers as they passes through these barriers.

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